**NEW** - 'RETURNING HOME' - a series of small hardback books to accompany the ongoing work at Poppit Sands.

'The work at Poppit Sands is not really a project - it is a whole photographic world. When I get new ideas I go to Poppit and use the beach to experiment. It is the base of everything that I do. Because of the fact that this process is ongoing I felt that a series of mini-books would best represent the work and how it progresses over the years. The collection of books will grow as the work at Poppit Sands grows.'

Each book has a selection of photographs based around a theme chosen by the photographer. An introduction is also provided giving insight into the thinking behind the work.


There are two ways to order the books - either click on the preview links to BLURB below and order directly - or if you would like a signed copy and you have access to PAYPAL then make a payment to paypal account using the prices below - noting your address. We will then order your book and forward it to you once signed (at a slight additional cost of £2 postage if in UK)

If you don't have access to Paypal then please contact us and we can organise another method of payment.

Prices per book are -

7" x 7" BOOK IMAGE WRAP - £19.56
POSTAGE - £6.99 (not for each book - for each order of 1 to 3 books)
Additional postage of £2 if a signed copy is requested. (per order) (Outside UK further charges apply)
(Please allow at least two weeks for delivery due to printing)

For example - all three books can be signed and delivered for £57.32

See a limited preview below -

returning home BOOK TWO


'Poppit Sands Moonscapes'
Over 100 Poppit images from 4 years on the beach - from just £22.78

Preview and order -

POPPIT SANDS - three years on the beach

'Poppit Sands - Three Years on the beach' is a 13" x 11" hardback with over 40 images from Michael's three year study. The book is priced at £38.95 and can be previewed and bought HERE

A preview of the book (limited to 15 pages) now available BELOW -