In 2017 Michael's work was paired with the theologian Edwin Abbott Abbott's writings and published by 21st Editions - the preeminent makers of collectable fine art publications.

The book was premiered by 21st Editions at ParisPhoto in 2017 and includes the first examples of platinum edition prints of the luminogram work.

With an introduction from Collier Brown, the book balances the luminograms with Abbott's famous FLATLAND book and graphic examples.

Sample from the introduction titled 'Line, Square, Sphere' -

'My triple chant of a title doesn’t do much to recommend Michael Jackson or his wondrous luminograms. But it helps us orient ourselves to his universe, which is at once like, and profoundly unlike, our own. Every luminogram is a genesis, a new beginning—to borrow from Gerard Manley Hopkins, “counter, original, spare, strange.” And yet, they resist description, having “no real physical resemblance to reality.” Each image, says Jackson, “reflects a memory or memories of a place” that exists only within oneself, which makes understanding difficult. But we do understand them, or we understand the experience of them, because in their design and architecture, these images pay homage to our shared history of utopian ideals.'

Flatland can be purchased from 21st Editions